Piya Bhirom Co., Ltd. as a part of  PB Partners Group of Companies which is founded in 1997 to provide real estate services including joint project development, acquisition, trade and lease of real estate properties.

  • The Company has policy to operate in alliance with strategic partners or other business partners to create synergies and growth.
  • We seek to create synergies with business partners in many ways such as forming strategic alliance by joint investment, acquisition, trade or lease real estate properties with focus to create high potential businesses in tourism, hospitality and retail commercial.  Projects that we seek to develop include hotels, resorts, commercial projects and other high potential businesses in the industry.
  • We are open to many forms of strategic alliances and seek to establish joint management team depending on business expertise and investment capabilities. 
  • Our working team is committed to provide business information and operation synergies to create additional value for investors and business partners.
  • Our business focus is to propose high potential real estate properties and projects to business partners and investors.  We have a team of highly experienced real estate professionals to ensure that we and our business partners progress together along the path of success.